The 2012 Storytelling World Resource Awards

Below are the 2012 winners and honors selected from several hundred nominated stories, books, and recordings. Beneath each award title is a short descriptive phrase about the resource contents. The major evaluative criterion was "story-listener appeal" for the items selected in Categories 1-6, and "usefulness for storytellers" for the resources honored in Category 7. These awards are also featured in the 2012 April/May issue of Storytelling Magazine/Storytelling World. To purchase a copy of this magazine, go to the National Storytelling Network website at

Category 1: Stories for Young Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 5, 6.)


Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs
A twisted combination of these two classic stories
Book and CD by Willy Claflin
August House,
The Boy from the Dragon Palace
A cautionary Japanese folktale
by Margaret Read MacDonald
Albert Whitman,
Three Hens and a Peacock
A lesson about accepting who we are
by Lester L. Laminack
Paul Bunyan vs. Hals Halson
A tale of an unlikely friendship

by Teresa Bateman
Albert Whitman,


An Apple Pie for Dinner
A recrafted English folktale
by Susan VanHecke
Marshall Cavendish,
The Greedy Sparrow
A rewritten Armenian folktale
by Lucine Kasbarian
Huck Runs Amuck!
The rollicking adventure of a goat
by Sean Taylor
Dial Books for Young Readers,
Tooter’s Stinky Wish
A journey of discovering perspective, perseverance, and patience
by Brian Cretney
Fitzhenry and Whiteside,
Ant and Grasshopper
An old story about friendship
by Luli Gray
McElderry Books,
The Kvetch Who Stole Hanukkah
A poetic story about the meaning of the season
by Bill Berlin and Susan Isakoff Berlin
Chicks Run Wild
An action-filled story poem about going to sleep at bedtime
by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Simon & Schuster,
You Can Be a Friend
An inspirational story about the boundaries of friendship
by Tony and Lauren Dungy
Little Simon Inspirations,
Trust Me, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!
The classic story told from the viewpoint of the giant
by Eric Braun
Picture Window Books, a Capstone imprint
I Am Tama, Lucky Cat
A Japanese legend
by Wendy Henrichs

Category 2

Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 1, 3, 5, 6.)


Painter and Ugly
The story of two dogs’ quest to be together
by Robert J. Blake
Philomel Books,
The Town That Fooled the British
A War of 1812 story
by Lisa Papp
Sleeping Bear Press,
The Runaway Wok
A Chinese New Year tale
by Ying Chang Compestine
Dutton Children’s Books,
Leonardo’s Monster
The story behind da Vinci’s childhood visualization
by Jane Sutcliffe


A Book for Black-Eyed Susan
A historical fiction story about hardships on the Oregon Trail
by Judy Young
Sleeping Bear Press,
The Three Little Tamales
A Mexican version of “The Three Little Pigs”
by Eric Kimmel
Marshall Cavendish,
Francis Woke Up Early
An imagined moment in the boyhood of Saint Francis of Assisi
by Josephine Nobisso
Gingerbread House,
Little Man
A story of finding and fulfilling one’s passion (playing drums)
Book and CD package by Dionne Warwick and David Freeman Wooley
The Adventures of Mark Twain
The wonky “unofficial and ungrammatical bioografy” of Samuel Clemens
by “Huckleberry Finn” (Robert Burleigh)
Spinster Goose
Twisted rhymes for naughty children (by Mother Goose’s sister)
by Lisa Wheeler

Category 3

Stories for Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 4, 5, 6.)


Fifty Thousand Bees on My Head
An informational story of suspense and adventure
On CD Sail on Honeybee, by Doug Elliott
The Secret River
A shorter version of a 1956 Newbery Honor, a tale of enchantment and determination
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
The Wolf Who Cried Sheep and Lion and Mousie
Two short “amimal” stories told by Maynard Moose (with twisted lessons)
On CD Goat Whisperer by Willy Claflin
The Three Feathers
An old Austrian folktale in which love conquers all
On CD Second-hand Tales by Simon Brooks


Liberty’s Voice
The story of poet Emma Lazarus
by Erica Silverman
Dutton Children’s Books,
Night Flight
Amelia Earhart’s 15-hour solo flight across the Atlantic at night
by Robert Burleigh
Simon & Schuster,
Game, Set, Match, Champion Arthur Ashe
The factual account of Ashe’s tennis career and his experiences with racial prejudice
by Crystal Hubbard
Lee & Low Books,
The Nightwood
A love story adapted from a Celtic fairy tale
by Robin Muller
Tundra Books,
Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty
The gritty exploration of an actual youth gang life in Chicago (presented in comic book style)
by G. Neri
Lee & Low Books,
Angelina Speaks Out
A strong girl’s stand against cultural practices
In Rude Stories, by Jan Andrews
Tundra Books,

Category 4

Stories for Adult Listeners

(See also Categories 3, 5, 6.)


Poignant, often amusing stories of giving birth
CD by Jennifer Munro
Sorry Is As Sorry Does—A Tribute to Gamble Rogers
A mixture of humorous vignettes written by Gamble Rogers
On CD Goat Whisperer by Willy Claflin


Why Summer Days Are Long
A Hawaiian story about the sun
On CD By Moonlight, By Sunlight, by Leilehua Yuen and Manu Josiah
Secret Love Letters to Lou
A story of how a granddaughter assisted her “English-challenged” grandmother in clandestine correspondence
On CD Sha! Don’t Tell! by Corinne Stavish

Category 5

Storytelling Collections

(See also any story collections listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Tales from a Free-Range Childhood
Childhood memories of growing up in Appalachia
by Donald Davis
John F. Blair,
Can I See Your I.D.?
True stories of people pretending to be someone else
by Chris Barton


The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin
Brief stories, jests, and donkey tales of the beloved Persian folk hero
by Ron J. Suresha
Lethe Press,

Category 6

Storytelling Recordings

CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age
(See also the recordings listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Destination? Slammer!
True stories of life and laughter
CD by Geraldine Buckley
Wisdom of the Woods
Traditional and original tales of wonder and wisdom
CD by Jeff Stockton
Elgamore and Cristobel
An original adaptation of a 14th century love story
CD by Dolores Hydock
Stories from the Dakota prairies
CD by Ceil Anne Clement
An Evening with Doug Elliott
Stories, songs, and lore that celebrate the natural world
DVD by Doug Elliott


A Tangle of Tales
Five stories of human and fantasy entanglements
CD by Simon Brooks
Undaunted Enchantments
A collection of “old faerie tales told the way they were meant to be heard”
Two CDs by Storytellers from TALES Edmonton
I Am Somebody
Personal stories of family, love, and self-identity
CD by Linda Gorham
Guilt Trips
Personal narratives of travel adventures
CD by Corinne Stavish
Tall Tales and Outright Lies
Five tales from Texas
CD by Donna Ingham

Category 7

Special Storytelling Resources


The Art of Storytelling
Information about telling stories and treatment of story content
by Amy E. Spaulding
Scarecrow Press,
Spider Speculations: A Physics and Biophysics of Storytelling
A description of cutting-edge mind-body science and ancient shamanistic techniques regarding how stories work in our bodies and lives, and how these stories can be adapted for theatre performances
by Jo Carson
Theatre Communications Group,
Story Solutions
A guide for how to use stories to build character and teach bully prevention, drug prevention, and conflict resolution
by Kevin Strauss
Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO


Wings and Tales
Folklore and fun activities relating to birds
by Jennifer L. Kroll
Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO
The Prodigal Mother and Other Bible Stories You Never Heard
Bible stories recrafted to reflect female viewpoints
Book and CD combination, by Billie Goodrich Mazzei
Shivers, Wishes, and Wolves
A sampling of graphic (comic-style) fairy tales with tellable scripts
Edited by Donald Lemke
Stone Arch Books, a Capstone imprint
Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas
Legends and story information about hummingbirds
by Jeanette Larson and Adrienne Yorinks