The 2018 Storytelling World Resource Awards

This section features the 2018 winners and honors selected from the numerous nominated stories, books, and recordings. Beneath each award title is a short descriptive phrase about the resource contents. The major evaluative criterion was "story- listener appeal" for the items selected in Categories 1-6, and "usefulness for storytellers" for the resources honored in Category 7. Questions may be e-mailed to or they may be answered on the website where these winning resources are featured with embedded links to their respective websites.

Category 1: Stories for Young Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 5, 6.)


The Christmas Boot
A story about what some people wish for
by Lisa Wheeler
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Lila and the Crow
One girl’s method of dealing with bullying
by Gabrielle Grimard
Annick Press,
The Mermaid
An octopus/mermaid spoof with a “Three Bears” flavor
by Jan Brett
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Bunny Bear
A story for those whose “hearts” and “outer skin” are sending conflicting messages
by Andrea J. Loney
Albert Whitman & Company,

Tell Me a Story in the Dark
A guide to creating magical bedtime stories for young children
by John Olive

La Princesa and the Pea
A rhyming Latino twist on the classic story
by Susan Middleton Elya
G.P. Putnam’s Sons


Sparkle Boy
A story about acceptance, respect, and freedom to be oneself
by Lesléa Newman
Lee & Low Books,
A poetic fractured fairy tale
by Corey Rosen Schwartz
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Please Please the Bees
A story about the needs of bees
by Gerald Kelley
Albert Whitman & Company,
The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold
A fun story for Christmas
by Maureen Fergus
Tundra Books,
A “terrific” story about attitude
by Jon Agee
Dial Books for Young Readers,

Category 2

Stories for Pre-Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 1, 3, 5, 6.)


Pablo Finds a Treasure
An adventure of two poverty-stricken children
by Andrée Poulin
Annick Press,

The Mermaid’s Purse
A celebration of books and community (based on the life of the author’s grandmother)
by Patricia Polacco
G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Andy’s Wild Amphibian Show!
A far-fetched personal childhood story
On CD with same title, by Andy Offutt Irwin
Treehouse Artists,


Grandpa’s Hal-la-loo-ya Hambone!
A tall tale about “making do” with what you have
by Joe Hayes
Cinco Puntos Press,


Martí’s Song for Freedom/Martí y sus versos por la libertad
The true story of José Marti’s fight for Cuban independence (in both English and Spanish)
by Emma Otheguy
Lee & Low Books,
A story about encouragement, love, and support
by Glen Gretzky and Lauri Holomis
Puffin Canada,
The Dance of the Violin
A gifted musician’s quest for a second chance (based on real events)
by Kathy Stinson
Annick Press,
Fatima and the Clementine Thieves
A light and witty story about problem solving
by Mireille Messier
Red Deer Press,
Preaching to the Chickens
A glimpse into the childhood of civil rights leader John Lewis
by Jabari Asim
Nancy Paulsen Books,
Yitzi and the Giant Menorah
An exploration of ways to say thank you
by Richard Ungar
Tundra Books,

Category 3

Stories for Adolescent Listeners

(See also Categories 2, 4, 5, 6.)


The Black Prince
An Egyptian folktale
On CD with same title, by Mary Dessein
The Cat from Hunger Mountain
A simple fable with a powerful message about one’s attitude toward material goods (in picture book style)
by Ed Young


Jason and the Argonauts
A Greek legend brought to life for a new generation
by Robert Byrd
Dial Books for Young Readers,

You’ll Never Take Me Alive
A mother’s creative response to her teenager’s traffic ticket
On CD Tales from a Michigan Childhood, by Pete Griffin
Treehouse Artists,

Category 4

Stories for Adult Listeners

(See also Categories 3, 5, 6.)


Frogs, Guardians of the Waters
An environmental story inspired by an African folktale
On CD Bullfrogs on Your Mind, by Doug Elliott
Nineteen Minutes
A true story of survival
In Touched by Tennessee, by Madelyn Rohrer


The Hunt for the Golden Yellow King Edward Box
A child’s exciting purchase in a diverse neighborhood
In Barrio Princess: Growing Up in Texas, by Consuelo Samarripa
Parkhurst Brothers,

Charlie Buck’s Quilt
A touching story about making/giving a quilt to a friend
On CD Midnight Quilter, by Willa Brigham
‘N Gratitude Publishing,
Trapping a Skunk Is Easier Than Releasing It
A lesson learned by a “skunk whisperer”
On CD Diary of a Forest Ranger, by Pete Griffin
Treehouse Artists,

Category 5

Storytelling Collections

(See also any story collections listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


The Last Storytellers
A collection of stories from the heart of Morocco
by Richard Hamilton
I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd,
Where Dragons Soar
Animal folktales of the British Isles
by Pete Castle
The History Press,
Zen Rising
366 very brief stories to enkindle your days
Collected by Tamarack Song
Snow Wolf Publishing,
Scariest Stories Ever Told
A collection of chilling and thrilling stories
by Roberta Simpson Brown
August House,


Folktales from the Arabian Peninsula
A collection of tales of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen
by Nadia Jameel Taibah and Margaret Read MacDonald
Libraries Unlimited,

Boo-Tickle Tales
A collection of not-so-scary stories for ages 4-9
by Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk
Parkhurst Brothers,

Category 6

Storytelling Recordings

CDs or DVDs for listening and/or viewing pleasure for any age
(See also the recordings listed in Categories 1-4 with specific stories identified.)


Dead Bird Singing
An unusual compilation of unexpected and twisted tales
CD by Kim Weitkamp
Treehouse Artists,
Embodied & Enchanted
Seven physically performed tales
DVD by Elaine Muray

It Could Happen!
Stories of hope and possibility
CD by Dolores Hydock

Fortune Turkey Tuna Ball
Humorous entertaining via far-fetched stories
CD by Bil Lepp
Treehouse Artists,

Operation Bouncy Chair
A collection of “almost true” personal stories
CD by Ingrid Nixon

Squeaky on the Roof
More adventures involving America's favorite octogenarian physician, Marguerite Van Camp
CD by Andy Offutt Irwin
Treehouse Artists,


The Apron
Three passionate personal stories
CD by Madeline L. Pots
Veil of Time
Ghost stories from Atlanta
by Cynthia Rintye

Category 7

Special Storytelling Resources


A Land Twice Promised: An Israeli Woman’s Quest for Peace
Both a memoir and a storyteller’s challenge with crafting stories from her life’s experiences
by Noa Baum

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dinner: Stories of a Seared Childhood
Exemplary writing for personal stories
by Regi Carpenter

Troubleshooting Your Novel
A manual for identifying and solving plot challenges (whether for a novel or a single story)
by Steven James
Writer’s Digest Books,

Engaging Teens with Story
Essays to inspire and educate youth with storytelling
Edited by Janice M. Del Negro and Melanie A. Kimball
Libraries Unlimited,


The Power of Storytelling
A handbook for using storytelling for influential communication
by Ty Bennett
Sound ,

Foothills Voices: Echoes of Southern Appalachia
Examples of local genealogy and history by gatherers of story material
Edited by Brennan LeQuire and others

Special Note: A frequent request received from Storytelling World readers is for us to suggest resources containing information for crafting new stories. The resources below (including the honors) provide this type of information—as is, they aren’t tellable stories, but they offer text for varied and creative compositions:
Who Was Lewis Carroll? (by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso)
Who Is Stevie Wonder? (by Jim Gigliotti)
Who Was Alexander Hamilton? (by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso)
What Was the Great Chicago Fire? (by Janet B. Pascal)
Who Was Charlie Chaplin? (by Patricia Brennan Demuth)
What Was the San Francisco Earthquake? (by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler)
Grosset & Dunlap,
(Only two of these resources are pictured.)
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