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Winter/Spring, 1992 - Theme: Personal Tales

7 Special Section - Storytelling World Presents: DONALD DAVIS
(An insightful interview about personal stories - and
other storytelling concerns, conducted by KATHY DIXON)

Fantabulous Story Reprints:

11 Uncle Frank and the Southern Bells, by DONALD DAVIS, Ocracoke, North Carolina, Reprinted with permission from Barking at a Fox-Fur Coat; Family Stories and Tall Tales, August House
15 Bon Appetit, by GRETA LIPSON, Ann Arbor, Michigan Reprinted with permission from Tales with a Twist, Good Apple/Simon & Schuster
21 Sweetnosia, by ROBIN MOORE, Springhouse, Pennsylvania Reprinted with permission from Awakening the Hidden Storyteller: How to Build a Storytelling Tradition in Your Family, Shambhala Publications
35 Special Storybook Reprint: The Snake with Seven Heads, by GCINA MHLOPHE, Johannesburg, South Africa Reprinted with permission of author from book with same title

ASK THE EXPERTS: Cent$ for $toryteller$

3 Featuring: SYD LIEBERMAN, Evanston, Illinois; JAY O'CALLAHAN, Marshfield, Massachusetts; and PENINNAH SCHRAM, New York, New York

Original Personal Stories

6 Outdoor Plumbing, by MARY JOAN WEAVER, Rogersville, Tennessee
17 Highrise, by MIKE SELLARS, Gray, Tennessee
18 Where's the Beef? By CONNIE ROGERS, Piney Flats, Tennessee
18 The Mystery, by ROBERT M. STEUART, Johnson City, Tennessee
19 Stick by Your Phobia, by UNA MacGILLIVRAY, Virginia Beach, Virginia
20 Among the Animals, by RAFE MARTIN, Rochester, New York
23 My Mother Was an Alien, by UNA MacGILLIVRAY, Virginia Beach, Virginia
24 My Grandmother's Quilt, by LUCINDA FLODIN, Hampton, Tennessee
25 Letters to Santa, by JOHN MOOY, Rapid City, South Dakota
26 Blackberry Jam, by JANICE BROOKS-HEADRICK, Sevierville, Tennessee
27 Buttermilk, by ADORA DUPREE, Johnson City, Tennessee
31 The Clubhouse, by NAOMI BALTUCK, Edmonds, Washington
33 What Makes the Golden Years Glitter, by SYLVIA KHAN, Los Angeles, California
34 His Prize Sow, by ALYCE YOUNGBLOOD, Tyler, Texas
38 Leaving the Farm, by JOSEPH DANIEL SOBOL, Chicago, Illinois

Storytelling Information:

5 It Was a Dark, Dark Night... Or Was It? By KATHY DIXON, Marietta, Georgia
30 Storytelling: A Healing Art, by NAOMI BALTUCK, Edmonds, Washington
34 Some Story Thoughts, by GCINA MHLOPHE, Johannesburg, South Africa


6 Name That Face Contest (Also see journal's back cover!)
22 Storytelling In-Betweeners: A Real Heel, by PAMELA TABOR
25 Storytelling Misadventures: The Double Dribble, by FLORA JOY
26 Storytelling In-Betweeners: That Southern Hospitality, by DEBBIE HERCSEK
29 Musical Tales, by STEVAN JACKSON
39 Storytelling Misadventures: A Real Story Stinker, by UNA MacGILLIVRAY
40 Resources: Audiotapes of Personal Stories, by PAM JOHNSON

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