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Winter/Spring, 1994 - Theme: Stories for the Younger Folks

ASK THE EXPERTS: Telling Stories to Children
Featuring: BOB BARTON, Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)
4 Tips from the Storytelling Coach
by DOUG LIPMAN, Somerville, Massachusetts

Three Favorite Stories of Three Favorite Tellers:

15 Favorite Stories - Featuring: CONNIE REGAN-BLAKE and BARBARA FREEMAN, Asheville, North Carolina; REX ELLIS, Reston, Virginia; and STEVEN KELLOGG, New York, New York

Stories for the Younger Generation:

7 The Carrot's Tale, by JACKSON GILLMAN, Mt. Desert, Maine
9 The Garden Lullaby, by JACKSON GILLMAN, Mt. Desert, Maine
11 Stories on a Shoestring (Quick Stories on a Tight Budget), by DAVID NOVAK, San Diego, California
13 Mr. Furlong, by TOM WEAKLEY, Arlington, Vermont
14 The Wind and the Sun, by JYM KRUSE, Fremont, Nebraska
16 Folly Loppis, by JEAN-ANDREW DICKMAN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
19 The Pigs and the Thieves, by LESLIE PERRY, Altadena, California
20 Deborah's Double Duty, by BEVERLY RAMSBURG, Kingsport, Tennessee
22 The "CREATE-YOUR-OWN-STORY" Story, by STEVE and JULIE HENSLEY, Chuckey, Tennessee, and FLORA JOY, Johnson City, Tennessee
23 A Dark Place in the Forest, by DOROTHY ORMES, Chico, California
24 Why the Frog Has No Tail, by JUDY SIMA, Southfield, Michigan
25 The Treasure Box, by SHARON CREEDEN, Seattle, Washington
25 The Log Cabin, by LEANNE ANDERSON, Wilkesboro, North Carolina
29 White Roses, by DIANN JACKSON, Bowie, Maryland
30 In Praise of Books: A Rap, by ADORA DUPREE, Johnson City, Tennessee
34 A Valentine Heart, by CAROL TEYSSIER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
37 Emma's Story, by BLY BROWN, Harrisonburg, Virginia
38 Classroom Corner: The Big, Bad Wolf Goes Trick-or-Treating - Story and Lesson by FLORA JOY, Johnson City, Tennessee, KEITH YOUNG, Kingsport, Tennessee, and ROGER PETERSEN, Lanaghorne, Pennsylvania

Informational Articles and Miscellany:

5 Children as Storytellers: A Special Kind of Magic, by KERRY MALLAN, Brisbane, Queensland (AUSTRALIA)
6 Storytelling Adventures, by ANN WHITELOCK, Alpharetta, Georgia
10 Storytelling: View from a Ninth Grader, by AMANDA JERNIGAN, Baden, Ontario (CANADA)
16 Cover Contest Winner (JEAN-ANDREW DICKMANN) and New Contest Information
17 Audience Participation: How To Get It, How To Control It, by RALPH WALLENHORST, St. Petersburg, Florida
26 Slinging Stories: Tips for Parents of Young Children, by CORINNE STAVISH, Southfield, Michigan
27 Weaving Narratives about Human Behavior: Telling Stories In and About School, by WAYNE OTTO, Madison, Wisconsin
28 The Mouse Balloon, by JEANNE DONATO, Westerly, Rhode Island
31 Motivating the Reluctant Reader: Using the Storytelling Episode Model, by RAYMOND KETTEL, Dearborn, Michigan
35 Telling Stories in High School, by KEVIN CORDI, Bakersfield, California
36 Favorite Stories for High Schoolers, by GAIL DE VOS, Edmonton, Alberta (CANADA), and DAVA LEE RUSSELL, Jonesborough, Tennessee

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